Water is a powerhouse. Even small droplets, over a sustained amount of time, can cause destruction. From barely noticeable intrusion to all-out water bursts, water’s destruction on your warehouse could be devastating.

What commercial roof maintenance plan do you have in place to help avoid undiscovered leaks in the roof of your warehouse? Our commercial roofing contractors offer a free inspection so you can get the information you need and learn about leak-proofing roof coatings through Keystone Commercial Roofing.

Ceiling damage

Water can enter your warehouse through insufficient water drainage systems, damaged roofing material, improper slope, clogged gutters, or leaks near the flashing.

Leaks in a roof are among the most common problems with aged commercial roofing.  Ceiling damage is one of the most noticeable signs of a weak commercial roof system. Water or other liquids from your roof will cause staining or spotting on the interior of your building, on the ceiling or walls.

Depending on how long the leak has existed, it will be an unsightly spot on your warehouse interior, or it will be a weakened spot that could soon expand and expose a large section of your warehouse (and anyone inside) to the outdoors. Equipment or inventory damage also could occur.

mold on interior ceiling

Mold and mildew

Long-term water seepage and high moisture can cause mold and other fungi to grow inside your warehouse. Mold can damage your building, weakening floors and walls. Building materials may become nutrients for the mold and encourage its growth.

Large mold incursions can usually be seen or smelled. You should inspect your warehouse for any signs of it during routine maintenance and promptly fix any leaky roofs, windows, or other possible spots where water is entering your facility.

If the mold growth is extensive, you’ll have to hire professionals to remediate it to ensure occupancy safety.

Health concerns

If unnoticed, mold spores can start to disperse through your warehouse. Without proper ventilation, mold can cause serious health issues for warehouse employees exposed to it. These can range from eye irritation and nasal stuffiness to respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

Don’t allow a leak in your warehouse roof to introduce this threat to your building or your crew.

Building’s integrity

Because mold feeds on organic matter, it will start to break down walls, insulation, wood, and other elements that are crucial to your building’s structural integrity. It’s also difficult to remove and can stain whatever surface it’s on, which will mar the appearance of your warehouse interior.

Even after remediation, mold stains can impact the value of your building and appear to be a threat. This could lower the value of your property should you decide to sell or rent.

Water seeping into your warehouse can also make its way to electrical wiring. Faulty wiring can pose a fire threat.

Bust Your Budget

When you delay the repair of a leaking warehouse roof, you allow these threats to increase in severity. What could be a small fix now could grow into a huge financial burden in the future if ignored or undetected. Unfortunately, many commercial property policies provide limited coverage for mold-related claims.

Delayed or insufficient maintenance of moisture entering your warehouse is poor facility management. To avoid costly mold removal and remediation, or the need for extensive structural repair, stop any initial water infiltration. Give us a call today to schedule your free roof inspection. Our fully trained roofing contractors can install a leak-free roofing system for your warehouse.