Although many buildings are said to have flat roofs, that is somewhat of a misnomer. Flat roofs are slightly sloped so that rain, snow, and other moisture can properly drain. So, even though they appear to be completely flat, they are not. However, their mostly flat structure allows for more efficient use of space and they are easier to install. Typically, the cost to maintain them is less expensive than the cost to maintain a pitched roof.

If your building endures dramatic climate changes throughout each season, its roofing material will be put under more stress than commercial buildings in more temperate, even climates. Temperature extreme can reduce the lifespan of a commercial roof. A roof that is accessed a lot will also wear down faster.

Just like any roof, flat roofs can require repair, most commonly due to leaks or water pooling. Commercial roof coatings can remediate flat roof leaks and other issues without the need to replace your entire roof while avoiding any downtime during its repair.

To determine which coating is best for your flat roof repair, you need to first know the existing roof material. A commercial roof coating needs to adequately adhere to the substrate, so consult with a roofing consultant before deciding which coating is best for your flat roof repair. You can meet with a member of our professional team for a free consultation regarding any repairs your building’s flat roof may need.

What Are Flat Roofs Made of?

Typically, types of flat roofs include:

  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • EPDM (rubber)
  • Felt
  • Fiberglass

Our flat roof repairs with Conklin roof systems can save you thousands of dollars compared to a flat roof replacement or installation. Conklin roof systems are the best in the industry for superior protection against the elements and for providing energy-efficiency.

Conklin-Preferred contractors are thoroughly trained and tested on their work to ensure proper coating adhesion in flat roof repair. Our roofing experts know which primers match best to each type of roof substrate.

Common Roof Coatings

The most common coatings for roof repair include:

  • ACRYLIC ELASTOMERS: These roof coatings are often used on industrial buildings. They are flexible and water-resistant.
  • POLYMER-MODIFIED: These roof coatings are bituminous, formulated with a bitumen-compatible polymer. They are flexible and long-lasting and have low-temperature properties.
  • SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam): These roof coatings are sprayed on as a liquid, which expands into a foam. They create a solid layer of protection on your existing roof.

You will work closely with our trained a Conklin-Preferred contractor to determine the best coating for your flat roof repair to ensure its extended lifetime.