Replacing the roof on a commercial building can be a huge expense. That’s why it’s so important to have a commercial roof consultant inspect your building’s roof to conduct a leak inspection and ensure all personnel, inventory, and equipment are sheltered properly.

If the roofing consultant discovers leaks or other roof damage, a roof restoration might be your best option. Roof restorations are money-saving options that can take care of leaks and other damage efficiently and effectively.

Now more than ever, with the strain of COVID-19 restrictions, capital spending limited, and the economy less stable, roof coatings an ideal solution to budgetary limitations.

Roof coatings can restore your commercial roof’s watertight status, extend the life of your commercial roof, and place it under warranty, all while helping you save thousands.

No Need for Facility Shutdown

metal roof before roof coating

Downtime means loss of money. A problem with your building’s roof doesn’t need to result in expensive replacement and significant downtime for your business. Our roofing consultants conduct on-site visits and inspections that work with your operations schedule. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we also keep the safety of those at your facility and the safety of our employees first in mind.

metal roof coating after

For example, we resurfaced two large sections of a plant’s flat roof consisting of asphalt and gravel. Areas of the commercial roof had suffered storm damage. The client opted for a commercial roof coating at a significant cost-savings over an entire roof replacement, and the plant had no disruption to its normal operation.

No Upfront Roofing Consultation Costs

 You shouldn’t have to pay for an on-site commercial roof inspection when you aren’t even sure you’ll be needed a roof replacement. Choose a roof consultant who offers free consultations and on-site commercial roof inspection. When you need to address roof weaknesses or leaks, the roofing consultant should provide a detailed report on what economical solutions are available to restore it. You can then decide what repairs or replacements you need to have done within your budgetary limits.

Interior, Exterior Commercial Roof Inspection

A commercial roofing consultant will likely inspect the interior of your commercial building to spot water damage and signs of rust.

An exterior commercial roof inspection will include an examination of the roof’s perimeter, including gutters and drainage pipes. Inspection of the entire roof field should include attention to flashing, tears, spotting, water pooling, parapet walls, joints, and areas where installations such as air condition units and ventilation systems penetrated the roof.

The roof inspection should be done in a timely manner. The roofing consultant should welcome and answer any questions you may have.

Discuss Commercial Roof Warranties

The roofing consultant will want to know about existing warranties on your facility’s roof. Share any records you have regarding warranties and prior work done to your commercial roof. This information may impact the types of repair recommendations he or she offers.

The consultant can also provide you information on the types of warranty you will receive from their work. The average warranty on a flat-roof restoration is 15 years. Keystone Commercial Roofing offers an 18-year guarantee before a re-coat is needed.

Schedule an on-site free commercial roof inspection today.