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4 Commercial Roofing Problems: How to Avoid Mistakes

How much does it cost to replace a commercial roof? We get asked this all the time. However, if work is carried out well in the first place, you should not need to ask this at all!

Quality of work and building trust with your workers is essential when searching for commercial roofing installation. You definitely need to select reliable and experienced workers to carry out maintenance or construction. If problems occur further down the line, this could be very costly and you might have problems getting workers back to fix the issues.

But don’t worry! We have constructed a list of 4 obvious errors and roofing problems caused by poor workmen. We’ll talk you through how to spot them in their portfolio and what questions to ask to avoid them when enquiring about a professional commercial roofing service.

Weather-Worn Parts

In Cleveland, we’re prone to significant seasonal weather variation. For this, you need to ensure commercial roofers supply some of the best parts available so that the changing weather will not destroy the work carried out or expose internal parts more susceptible to water damage.

For example, thick roofing membranes can protect against the wind and rain.

Standing Water

If you are looking through a roofing contractors’ portfolio, try to contact some of their customers or search for reviews. If any of their previous clients are experiencing issues with standing water, then avoid them like the plague.

Standing water is one of the most difficult issues to resolve as it will add unwanted weight to the roofing structure and potentially buckle under pressure.

●        Here’s what to look for in a commercial roofing company

Blocked Gutters

This one requires a bit of self-handled commercial roof maintenance after installation. Blocked gutters can again cause unnecessary weight to gather around the roofing structure. Ensure you are regularly cleaning the gutters, or at least employing a professional cleaning service once a month during the winter to carry this out for you.

If you are concerned that your business’ roof needs a professional inspection, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We carry out free commercial roof inspections. Just leave your details with us.

Avoid Cheap Commercial Roof Repairs

Trust us – if you spot an issue with your roof – one of the worst things you could do is to hire the cheapest contractor available. Shoddy repairs will build up over time and add additional costs to any future commercial roof replacement.

To get a quote for a professional roofing restoration or repair project, contact us immediately and one of our friendly staff will get back to you.

You may also want to explore the possibility of a long-lasting roofing warranty. Some contractors will include this as standard, but if not then it may come as a costly extra. However, for the piece of mind, it provides a cost effective measure against future damage.

Follow these steps and the lifespan of your commercial roof system should far outlast your needs.




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