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5 Reasons to Inspect Commercial Roofing in the Fall

Professional roofing consultants can provide free commercial roof inspections throughout the year, but there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t put off your building’s roof inspection any longer. Our roofing experts are ready to perform your free roof inspection.

1. Did Your Building Sustain Damage?

Heavy summer thunderstorms not only present some impossible work conditions for professional roofers, but they can also leave behind major roof damage. Summer can dish out gusty winds, heavy rains, and sometimes even hail.

Are there signs of roof blistering caused by poor ventilation or moisture? Is water draining properly? Has thermal shock caused movement in the metal panels of your commercial roof?

blistered roof system on building

When damage is done above head, it’s not in front of your eyes. You might not even know if your building has sustained storm damage from summer storms.

Do you know what damage to your commercial roof looks like if it isn’t a large puncture or noticeable missing piece? You’d be surprised how leaks can start out minuscule and hidden. In just a few days or weeks. These small imperfections can work themselves into huge problems down the road.

Hire a professional roof consultant to examine your building’s roof and look for potential threats to its leak protection and integrity.

2. Commercial Roofing in the Fall

Temperatures in late summer and early fall create some of the most pleasant weather conditions of the entire year. After summer’s heat ends and before winter’s brutal temperatures arrive, professional roofers have clear blue skies and comfortable weather for careful inspection and unhindered workmanship. Autumn truly offers the most ideal conditions for commercial roof inspections, repairs, and restorations.

Don’t wait until your building’s roof shows signs of trouble in the middle of winter. Uncooperative weather conditions can slow the repair or restoration project and you won’t want your building’s HVAC system compromised during months when the cost to run it will already be on the rise.

If a leak is discovered before winter, you can get it repaired before the ice starts to wedge into it and cause wider paths for water seepage into your building.

3. Don’t Invite Mice into Your Commercial Building

Commercial roofing in the fall can lead to successful pest control. Professional inspections of commercial roofs have revealed nest formations and signs of critters getting ready to use equipment housing as their homes for the winter. Flat commercial roofs are especially welcoming surfaces for outdoor mice and rats to explore as nesting grounds and shelter through the winter, with the possible intention of becoming indoor mice and rats.

A commercial roofing inspection in the fall can reveal possible pest entry points, maybe even physical damage caused by gnawing. Our inspectors can examine your building’s roof for signs of weak spots or damage and have its integrity restored.

4. Tax Deduction Benefits Before the New Year

Changes to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (Section 179) included a tax deduction for improvements to the roof of a commercial building. This year (2020) had a lot of negative things happen during it, but this tax deduction change is positive.

Changes in Section 179 of the IRS Tax Code may allow you to deduct the full price of maintenance or improvements to your commercial roof if you can get them completed this year. Consult with your accountant or a tax advisor to be certain these updates apply before any contracts are signed, however. You’ll want to know beforehand if any deductions will play a role in the roof replacement or roof repair project.

5. Commercial Roof Inspections in the Fall are FREE!

Keystone Commercial Roofing consultants provide free, professional commercial roofing inspections, available year-round. We can determine the best commercial roofing service to meet your budget while providing superior roof protection. During your free roof inspection, we’ll explain installation options and help you decide the best approach to securing your building’s shelter effectively and affordably.




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