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Benefits of Metal Roof Coatings

Is a metal roof coating the right choice for your business?  

In the Northeast, we are lucky enough to experience all 4 seasons. However, much like how we must weatherproof windows and doors when the temperatures drop, it’s always good to ensure your roof is able to sustain the different seasons as well.

Many people choose to get their metal roofs coated to enhance the durability of them.

Our unique metal roof coatings can extend your commercial roof’s life and offer a 100% warrantied waterproofing as well as no need for costly downtime during its installation.

Metal Roof Coating

At Keystone Commercial Roofing, we ensure long-lasting leak protection without the need to replace your roof in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York. While metal roofs are tough, they’re also susceptible to developing rust. We’re able to identify rust and neutralize it before it becomes a huge problem for the day-to-day operations of your business.

Instead of replacing your metal roofing, consider having the experts at Keystone Commercial Roofing restore it for a fraction of the price by applying our heavy duty, top of the line metal roof coating.

This coating is a common choice amongst many business owners due to its easy and minimally-invasive application. Like other roof coatings, you don’t have to worry about a team of roofers causing lots of noise while working on your roof, interrupting your work day. 

Many companies are in the roofing business to make money and it shows in their approach to finding roofing solutions that will leave you with the highest bill you could imagine. At Keystone Commercial Roofing, we don’t believe in that. Instead, we strive to work with our customers to help them find a solution that is in their budget and will give the least inconvenience to their business, whenever possible.

A metal roof coating can offer much more protection than you’d think. We work with top-of-the-line coatings giving you the reassurance you need to know your business is protected in the unpredictable weather we often get in the Northeast. 

The application process 

The application process for metal roof coating is as simple as it sounds. This makes it the great choice for commercial buildings that need a quick and manageable solution to getting their roof protected as soon as possible. Many business owners can’t afford to lose days of work due to construction on their roof. Coating is a great way to ensure damages are being fixed and also prevented from coming back in the future. 

Metal roof coating is sprayed directly onto the surface of the roof after rust and other imperfections are neutralized, providing coverage over any small holes that may not be easily seen at first glance. While small holes can generally be harmless, it’s easy for them to become larger from debris and precipitation.

At Keystone Commercial Roofing, we’re thrilled to offer this coating to business owners who need to know their assets are protected from the unpredictable Northeastern weather. For more information on the many kinds of roofing services we offer, contact us here.




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