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Can You Tint Elastomeric Roof Coating?

An elastomeric roof coating can waterproof various approved roof substrates and extend the life of your industrial roof for years to come.  As a preferred Conklin Roof contractor, Keystone Commercial Roofing contractors recommend the Rapid Roof III monolithic, which comes in 8 colors. This tinted elastomeric roof coating can be used on industrial metal roofs, spray polyurethane foam, membrane roofs, and as part of the Conklin Fabric Reinforced System.

Read more to learn the benefits of this acrylic elastomeric coating and to learn if a tinted elastomeric roof coating might be best for your commercial property.

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What Color is Elastomeric Roof Coating?

elastomeric coating in white

The most common color for an elastomeric roof is white. White roof coatings have the most reflective properties to help keep buildings cool. In standard white, Conklin’s Rapid Roof III provides an 85% reflective, dirt-resistant finish for maximum cooling benefit.

We don’t recommend you tint elastomeric roof coatings after a purchase. However, pre-tinted (colored) coatings by Conklin make it possible to choose an elastomeric roof coating in a color other than white that still provides some reflective properties. Tints include tan, blue, red, and others.

Learn more about the Different Coating Types and Colors.

What’s the Expected Lifespan of an Elastomeric Roof?

Rapid Roof III roof coating is formulated with exceptional waterproof technology. It resists cracking, peeling, and blistering for years longer than ordinary roof applications. The average warranty on a flat-roof restoration is 15 years. Keystone Commercial Roofing offers an 18-year guarantee before a re-coat is needed.

Our commercial roofing contractors can install an elastomeric roof coating that can help prevent damage to your roof, protecting it from:

  • Hail damage
  • Moisture degradation
  • UV damage
  • Rust

What is a Reflective Cool Roof?

Reflective cool roofing can add energy efficiency to a commercial property because it reflects UV rays and helps lower the temperature of your roof during the summer months. If your building’s roof stays cooler, the ambient temperature inside your building is easier to maintain. A reflective cool roof is less tasking on your building’s HVAC system.

Is Color Important in Choosing a Commercial Roof?

Yes. The lighter the color, the more reflectivity, and resistance to UV degradation.  But if you wish to have a property that stands out among other commercial properties, then a tinted elastomeric roof in one of Conklin’s 7 other colors can do that. Ultimately, we believe all our commercial roof coatings provide the durability and flexibility that building owners and contractors need to provide long-term protection to industrial properties.




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