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Commercial Roof Painting? Hire a Coating Professional

If, in pursuit of a protective and/or reflective coating on your commercial building, you’re searching for a commercial roof painter near you, rethink that. It’s in your best interest to find a roofing professional and not a painter. A painter has knowledge in painting techniques and painting products, but they won’t have professional training and expertise in roofing.

When it comes to commercial roof coatings, you should hire a trained roof restoration professional who’s familiar with the latest protective and reflective roof coating systems. Read on to learn why:

Flat Roof Paint or Coating? Hire a Pro

Roof coatings achieve a much wider array of purposes when it comes to covering an industrial roof, including reflectivity, waterproofing, mildew resistance, and more.

Our trained commercial roof professionals will start by getting a core sample of your existing flat roof. Core samples provide a test for moisture content and reveal existing materials and their condition. We can determine the best coating for your roof type, and professionally coat and seal your flat roofing. We’ll never coat over a compromised substrate just to improve its appearance.

We’ve been serving Northwestern PA, Northeastern OH, Southwestern NY, and the surrounding areas for more than a decade.

Quality Commercial Roof Restoration

As a preferred contractor for Conklin, we combine innovative roofing materials with unmatched workmanship to revitalize your roof. We can give your building decades of protection without the uncertainty of painting products nor the expense and downtime of a full roof replacement.

Although less labor-intensive as a roof replacement, flat roof coatings offer superior protection again the elements. While the average warranty on a flat roof restoration is 15 years, Keystone Commercial Roofing offers an 18-year warranty.

Can I Afford Commercial Roof Coatings?

We provide free, professional commercial roofing inspections and will work with you to determine the best commercial roofing service to meet your budget while providing superior roof protection.

Typically, flat roof replacement costs about $18 per square foot, labor included. In comparison, flat roof repair and restoration through Keystone Commercial Roofing costs about $4 per square foot. The bigger question is, “Can you afford not to have a commercial roof coating?”  A commercial roof restoration will cost far less than a roof replacement and likely far less than the damage caused by ignoring any issues you might be experiencing.

Our roofers have installed hundreds of commercial roof coatings, with no disruption to their normal business operations, saving them thousands of dollars.

We recommend you consult with your insurance company to see if a new roof coating qualifies you for a discounted premium and to also see if you will qualify for possible tax credits for consumer energy efficiency provided by a reflective roof coating. Learn more about the 179D commercial buildings energy efficiency tax deduction here.

If your commercial building is showing any of these signs, give us a call to schedule your free commercial roof consultation. You’ll learn why industrial roof coatings installed by a professional are the best option for protecting your commercial property.




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