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Commercial buildings require a lot of maintenance, but commercial roofs shouldn’t be at the top of a facility manager’s list when it comes to routine repair. Most commercial buildings have roofs that last for decades.

But you should be monitoring your commercial roof yearly. Annual commercial roof inspections to identify possible damage can alleviate the risk of developing larger repair needs in the future.

If you manage a commercial property, be alert to the following commercial roof issues that typically occur. You can call our professional roof consultants to schedule your commercial roof inspection.

1.    Ponding Water on Your Commercial Roof

Water that “pools” or stands for more than 48 hours is a threat to the integrity of the building’s roof system. Standing water can be a sign that a drain is clogged, or the roof’s design and installation were done incorrectly.

On a non-sloping roof, if insulation wasn’t tapered or crickets were used incorrectly, you could end up with ponding. On a sloped roof, standing water could occur if poor mopping occurred during the installation of a hot bituminous roofing system.

Roofing equipment that drains improperly can also be the cause of ponding water. Standing water increases the weight load of a commercial roof and may threaten the integrity of its structure.

2.    EPDM Roofing Membrane Shrinkage

If membranes are improperly cured, usually near flashings or parapets, you’ll have splits that allow rain and other moisture to seep into the substrate. You’ll want to spot these immediately to avoid long-term damage. Flexion is a rolled, single-ply membrane system that provides outstanding protection against rain, snow, and hail. When shrinkage is spotted, our commercial roof experts can help you decide if the Flexion single-ply roofing system is the best option for repair.

3.    Punctures

Foot traffic from other maintenance needs, heavy storm damage, and even rooftop HVAC installs can cause punctures in your commercial roof system. Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roof systems are especially sensitive to foot traffic and care must be taken during installation. Any puncture, whether through an SPF roofing system, PVC, or TPO roof membrane will pose a threat to the substrate because it will allow moisture to reach the substrate and could eventually cause extensive damage.

Your commercial roof should be inspected at least yearly to spot punctures. If you do discover punctures, our commercial roofing membrane options are an ideal solution to restore your roof and offer guaranteed leak protection.

4.    Rust & Corroded Fasteners

Metal commercial roofs are susceptible to leaks due to failed fasteners, incorrectly seamed panels, and rust.

Rust is possibly a metal roof’s worst enemy. It can be caused by exposure to environmental elements like rain, saltwater air, etc. Rust is a common reason why fasteners on metal commercial roofs fail.

If you see signs of any of these potential problems, rust and corrosion have likely occurred in places you are unable to see. The roof may be compromised. Get a professional to inspect the roof to determine potential solutions and find a roof coating system that will resolve any issues.

Resolution to Roof Repair Needs

Whether you’re dealing with leaks, punctures, or are considering replacing your existing roof, get the information you need to make a great choice in roof restoration. Contact us today to schedule a FREE, onsite roof inspection.




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