Temperatures are soon going to start hovering high, like in the mid-90s and above high. Your commercial building is likely already emanating heat inside just from the use of machinery and everyday warehouse activities. The last thing you want is for heat to be coming down from above too.

Asphalt roof systems are especially notorious for absorbing the sun’s heat and forcing a building’s cooling system to work harder in the summer months. White roofing systems, or cool roof systems, do the opposite.

A cool roof system, like Conklin Roofing Systems’ Flexion, offers the best value available when it comes to a single-ply membrane, UV-reflecting roofing system. Conklin has been an innovator in the commercial roofing systems for decades.

Flexion is a commercial roofing system that can reflect more than 80% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, offering your air conditioning unit a slight reprieve from working overdrive. If your roof is aging, a reflective roof coating is a great option to extend the life of your commercial roof and add energy-efficient benefits at the same time.

Cool roof systems are lighter in color, which adds to their ability to alleviate extreme heat inside commercial buildings because unlike dark colors, which absorb heat and UV rays, those lighter colors reflect heat and UV rays.

Here are a few more reasons to choose a Flexion cool roof system for your commercial building, in addition to their energy-efficient properties:

  1. 100% waterproofing is guaranteed through Keystone Commercial Roofing
  2. Class-A fire rating that outperforms traditional EPDM roofing systems.
  3. It can be applied over hot asphalt roofs in a single-ply membrane, eliminating seams and extending the life of your roof without you having to replace it.

Schedule a free on-site roof inspection with a Keystone Commercial Roofing consultant to see how your commercial building can start saving money on your cooling bills.