Commercial metal roofs offer dependable, long-lasting protection and are among the most durable roof options. Special considerations, however, should be given before you commit to a metal roof.

Thermal expansion and contraction can challenge the integrity of your metal roof, possibly causing tiny leaks around fasteners, screw holes, flashing, and seam areas.

Also, any spot where the wind can get under a metal sheet or wind-driven rain can get under a metal sheet, there’s a risk that your metal roof won’t age as well as it should.

How Long Does a Metal Roof Last?

A metal roof can last 10-20 years before they start to leak. With proper routine maintenance and inspection, paired with timely repairs when needed, however, your building’s metal roof can last more toward the end of that age range. Steel is the most common metal for roofing and it’s likely the most affordable in your area.

What Are the Disadvantages to a Metal Roof?

Metal roofing disadvantages include its subpar noise-reduction properties and the potential for leaks near fasteners and along panel seams. Rust can also threaten the integrity of a metal commercial roof.

Metal Roofing in Cold Climates

Thermal movement, caused by hot temperatures expanding metal and cold temperature contracting metal, is responsible for most metal roof leaks. Your building’s metal roof could be leak-proof one winter and show signs of weakness the very next season. The temperatures inside your building can remain the same comfortable temperature year-round, but outside Mother Nature is causing fluctuations and small movements.

Any spot where there are holes or seams in your metal roof becomes a spot for water to sneak in and slowly degrade its leakproof status. These are the areas where rust can start its corrosive destruction as well. As snow, hail, and ice get into these areas, damage just grows exponentially. Winter’s precipitation can enter these areas as snow, then melt, then freeze again. When water freezes, it expands. Imagine what damage that can cause when it’s already wedged inside a hole or under a metal panel on your roof.

Metal Roofing in Hot Climates

Thermal movement isn’t just caused by seasonal temperature changes. Extreme high temperatures during the day followed by much lower nighttime temperatures can cause a thermal shock as well. So, again, anywhere there is a seam or a fixture, there is also the potential for gaps to form and leaks to occur.

Metal Roof Coatings as a Solution

A metal roof coating of modified acrylic polyurethane coating (Keystone Commercial Roofing’s Metal Restoration System) is waterproof, reflective, and warrantied for 18 years.

With their reflective properties, our metal roof coatings can reduce the costs to heat and cool your facility.

Learn more about Keystone Commercial Roofing Metal Roof Restoration.