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Reflective Cooling Roofs Reduce Energy Consumption

As inflation continues to rise in the United States, many people are looking for ways to cut costs and extend the reach of their dollars.

One opportunity to do so? Lowering energy costs. While temperature change can’t be avoided unless you’re lucky enough to live in a temperate location, there are actions consumers can take to lower their energy consumption — and thus lower their energy bill. Keystone Commercial Roofing is offering reflective cooling roofs to help customers lower their energy consumption and their energy bills.

Does it work?

As early as 1993, studies have proven that light colored construction materials reject heat. Recently, construction experts became aware that by adding a reflective capacity, this cooling feature works even better!

Keystone Commercial Roofing is putting the science to good use and is introducing reflective roofing as an option for consumers. It’s been tested, too: trials in both California and Florida have shown that highly reflective (or, “albedo”) roofing can reduce energy use by up to one third. That’s a thirty percent savings on your energy bill!

Where has it been tested?

While tests in Florida and California have proved successful, recent studies have proven that even climates as arid and hot as those in Iraq can benefit, reducing energy use by 45%. As more places around the world install reflective roofing and as more experts study it, the answers seem definitive: this is a technology that works.

From the humidity and changeling weather of Florida to the deserts of Iraq, the evidence has been overwhelmingly positive.

In the past, this technology was only available for commercial settings but Keystone Commercial Roofing wants to bring this benefit to residential consumers.

How is it better than my current roof?

Most residential roofing materials are made of asphalt tile, which is known to attract and retain heat. Over half the residential rooftops in the United States have these inefficient asphalt shingles, leading to consumers overpaying for energy prices.

Reflective roofing can have a very positive impact on our national economy by reducing energy costs while investing in labor and infrastructure. It’s a meaningful, sustainable way forward.

Even the US Department of Energy agrees, noting that “cool roofs,” including reflective roofing, can reduce the amount of air conditioning needed to keep buildings comfortable. The Department of Energy also notes that reflective roofs have a high rate of something called “thermal emittance,” or how much heat they give off or reflect. This means that heat bounces away from your rooftop, instead of being held within it and then transferred into your indoor spaces!

The benefits here are many – from downsizing air conditioning units to smaller, less expensive versions all the way to reducing energy bills and potentially qualifying for a government tax credit, reflective roofing is an appealing way for consumers to lower their energy production, invest in infrastructure, and take control of their energy bill.

Keystone Commercial Roofing will be working to implement this technology, bringing these benefits and savings to our customers directly. We are always looking for ways to help our customers build the future; reflecting roofing will be an exciting new venture for us and the people we serve.




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