Our commercial roofing consultants specialize in commercial roof inspections to spot weaknesses, leaks, and other defects that threaten its ability to provide adequate shelter. Our roofing consultants can save you thousands of dollars through commercial roof repair & restoration.

Getting your building’s roof repaired can come with a large price tag. Some clients have asked if it’s worth the cost of going through with a repair, and you might be asking yourself the same question.

Please be assured that we will be the first to tell you if any issues we see on your roof can be safely repaired later, but keep in mind that the longer you wait to fix major problems on your business’ roof the more expensive it can cost to do the repair and the more you may have to pay for additional repairs that could have been avoided (such as a leaking roof causing damage to underlying framework or ceilings.

The cost per square foot for a Keystone’s commercial roof restorations are dramatically lower when targeted at troubled roof spots or with roofing restoration through roof coating.



Here are some major signs to look out for to know when it’s absolutely critical to get your roof repaired or restored.

  • When it rains, water leaks through the roof and through the ceilings
  • When it’s windy, you hear things flapping on the roof
  • When it rains, water “falls” off the roof in unexpected places instead of being properly routed through gutters and drains
  • When you do a quick visual inspection of the roof, you see missing pieces, large tears, or major wear

Even if you don’t see any of the signs of damage listed above, it’s still important to have a licensed roofing contractor inspect your roof once a year or at least every other year to look for early signs of damage.

A roofing restoration can add years of life to your existing roof system through flat roof coating, metal roof coating, SPF roofing system, commercial membrane, or single-ply Flexion roof system.

Our roofing consultants specialize in commercial roof repairs and restorations on flat or low-sloped commercial and industrial buildings. They can help you determine which commercial roof repair best suits your needs and budget.

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