Do you own or manage an industrial or commercial property that’s protected by a flat roof? Sometimes roof maintenance and inspection get neglected. Yet a low slope roof can be prone to water and wind damage and its integrity weakened without immediate signs of trouble.

You want to spot a leak in your flat roof before it becomes this obvious:

Use the following warning signs of possible leaks and inspect your commercial property before damages become extensive. Where you spot any of these items, take measurements from the interior, and then “transfer” those measurements to the building’s exterior, carefully inspecting an approximate 5-foot circle around the potentially leaking area.

Be safe! If you aren’t experienced in roofing, consult a professional roofing company.

Keystone Commercial Roofing has more than a decade of experience in professional roofing and commercial roof inspection. Our trusted roofing contractors can spot flat roof leaks and potential roof leaks before water damage gets out of control. Call for a free consultation.

Finding the Source of a Flat Roof Leak

  • Staining: Gaze up and examine the entire interior ceiling, ideally a day after heavy rainfall. Look for signs of discoloration or stains, even subtle ones. In this image, you can see slight spotting under the wire mesh on this industrial ceiling located in Kennedy Township, Pennsylvania.
water stains on industrial ceiling
  • Dirt Stains: Areas on an interior ceiling that appear to be smudges or dirt stains (sometimes even appearing as large cobwebs) may be signs of a roof leak and/or pooling water. Neither scenario should be ignored.  This building in Crawford County, PA, (image below) is showing signs of a weakened roof system.
leak produces interior dirt stains
  • Look for any signs of water pooling along the edges of your building. Standing water is evidence that your building’s drainage system is failing. The source of the leak might be near the pooling.
water ponding on a flat roof, leaking
  • Inspect any areas near vent pipes. Vent pipes are often the source of roof leaks because the sealant around them can become brittle and crack with age or environmental stress.
spot flat roof leaks near vent pipes
  • Are there uneven surface areas on your flat roof? These could be signs of a leak source, especially if there’s been a deterioration in the roof membrane. A split in a flat roof membrane is an invitation for leaks. For this flat roof in Grove City, PA, shown below, the split membrane will be a source of leaks in the near future unless it’s restored.
flat roof leak from split membrane on commercial building

Save Money with Commercial Roof Restoration

If you find a leak in your flat roof, don’t assume you need a complete roof replacement. We can restore your building’s roof to a leak-proof membrane in less time and at a lower cost per square foot. Choosing a roof restoration over a roof replacement will save you thousands of dollars.

The Importance of Industrial Roof Maintenance

If you are not routinely inspecting the interior and exterior of your roof for signs of damage, you are putting the building, its contents, and any staff members inside of your commercial building at risk.

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While visual inspections are effective, we recommend you also consult a professional roofer experienced with commercial industries. We have seen it all! We will detect weak spots in your industrial building and help you avoid any downtime. Our camera app enables us to share images of vulnerable areas spotted on top of your building and along its perimeter.

Why choose Keystone Commercial Roofing? We offer:

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