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Want the Best Flat Roof Protection? Consider a Monolithic Roof and Save Money

Whether you’re looking for a roofing contractor to install a new flat roof system or looking to repair your flat roof, a monolithic roof system is one of the best ways to provide flexible, seamless, and durable leak protection for years.

Even better, these systems can help you save in energy costs year after year, possibly paying for themselves.

Read on to get a better understanding of how your facility (and your wallet) can benefit from a monolithic roof system.

Restore Your Building’s Roof Without Replacing It

You don’t need to replace your roof system to restore its protective properties. Keystone Commercial Roofing can install a monolithic roof membrane over the existing roofing system that will add years of functionality to your industrial roof. This dramatically decreases the cost of roof repair.

No tear-off, no downtime, and less labor mean more money remaining in your facility management budget.

Keystone Commercial Roofing restorations include single-ply roofing that is monolithic across the entire roof surface, forming a highly protective seal. With our flat roof coating, metal roof coating, SPF roofing system, commercial membrane, or single-ply Flexion roof systems, commercial buildings are protected with roofs that are seamless, with no joints and no penetrations.

Roof Systems That Reflect to Save Energy

As a preferred contractor for Conklin, we install numerous great roofing products that help extend the life of a commercial roofing system. One of the premier roofing systems is the Puma XL, a popular choice among owners of industrial buildings.

Our roof coatings will reflect the sun’s rays away from your building, keeping the inside cooler throughout the day. You’ll use less energy trying to keep the air temperature comfortable.

Commercial Roof Systems That Flex

Monolithic roof systems can withstand destructive UV rays from the sun, which helps prevent your commercial roof from becoming brittle with age.

These seamless roof coatings can spread nature’s heat to help maintain the flexibility of the membrane system and decrease the risk of cracks and tears.

Monolithic Roofing that Last

PUMA XL is a premier modified acrylic coating that comes with an unprecedented 18-year warranty, with a 30-year warranty option. (Warranted roof must be re-coated within specifications in a six-month window during year 15 of the 30-year warranty period to maintain the warranty.)

This polyurethane-modified acrylic coating is an especially wise choice for metal roof restoration. We believe it’s the best acrylic coating available.

Our commercial roofers are well trained to install various roof coatings over many existing roof systems, including metal, tar and gravel, EPDM, built-up roofing (BUR), modified bitumen, PVC, and TPO.

Commercial Roofers You Can Trust

Keystone Commercial Roofing pros have been trained (and examined) by the roofing experts at Conklin. Our team takes extra care to ensure your roof coating is a seamless, waterproofing shield. Proper topcoat and sealants are applied in any areas that could be potential weak spots, such as at fasteners, seams, and skylights. We make sure the roof system is securely fastened at the base of a parapet. Basically, with all reinforcing accessories and layers of reinforced membrane, you get a tightly adhered, gap-free roof system.

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