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Why Are Flat Roofs Common on Larger Commercial Buildings?

Look at any urban area with a concentration of commercial properties and warehouses and you’ll likely notice that a lot of them have flat roofs rather than pitched roofs. Why are flat roofs more common on larger commercial buildings when pitched roofs have more aesthetic appeal? The reasons are cost, feasibility, and durability.

While the term “flat roof” does apply to many large commercial buildings, they are slightly sloped. Commercial roofing is also called low-slope or low-pitch roofing.

Read further to learn how flat roofs are used on larger commercial buildings and reach out to our professional roofing contractors for commercial roof repair and restoration in Northwestern Pennsylvania, Northeastern Ohio, Southwestern New York, and the surrounding areas.

How Do Property Owners Save on the Cost to Install a Flat Commercial Roof?

Flat roofs are easier to install than pitched roofs. The average cost to install a new flat roof in Pennsylvania is about $1,000 less per square foot than the installation of a pitched roof. That’s before the recent hike in lumber prices!

Another cost advantage to flat roofs on large commercial buildings is that affordable roof coatings can extend the life of roofs that show signs of disrepair. Keystone Commercial Roofing employs Conklin-preferred contractors. Not only are Conklin roof systems the best in the industry for superior protection against the elements and energy efficiency, but preferred contractors must complete a training and evaluation process to ensure quality installments.

How Are Low-Slope Commercial Roofs More Feasible?

A flat roof helps property owners get the most out of their building’s space. Pitched roofs form attics that, although feasible as storage spaces, are not conducive to everyday use. With a large commercial building, the goal is to gain as much use out of its entire footprint.

Additionally, flat roofs are ideal for supporting commercial HVAC units, conduits, coolant lines, and air ducts. Even large commercial buildings with membrane roofs can house HVAC units outside, on the rooftops.

How to Get an Affordable, Large Commercial Roof with a Long Lifespan?

While flat roofs are less costly to install than pitched roofs, they do have limited lifespans. All roofs do. Our commercial roof coatings, however, can be applied on flat roofs, low-slope roofs, industrial roofs, metal roofs, and over rubber roofs to add an average of 15 years to your building’s roof.

Flat roofs require water abatement structures combined with proper slight sloping to move water off the building and away from its foundation. When a commercial roof has water ponding issues, we offer cost-effective roof restoration options to remediate them without the need for an entire roof replacement.

Moreover, we can provide free, professional commercial roof inspections to help you avoid costly repairs and to help your industrial roof maintain its watertight status. Call today to schedule your free consultation or inspection. (814) 724-9812




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