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Why Roof Flashing is Key to Your Crawford County Building

There are a lot of great things about Crawford County, Pennsylvania. Nearby state parks like Conneaut Lake and Pymatuning make it especially ideal for outdoor lovers to live and visit.

Those who live here year-round, however, know that the climate isn’t for the weak at heart sometimes.

Crawford County gets its fair share of rainfall, more than 40 inches annually. That’s higher than the nation’s average rainfall. According to one report, Allegheny County gets precipitation (snow, sleet, hail, or rain) on average, 166 days per year.

That’s why proper roof flashing is so important. Your local commercial building needs to withstand the barrage of precipitation. Flashing plays a key role in a commercial roof system’s water drainage.

What is Roof Flashing?

Roof flashing Is metal sheeting, typically made of galvanized steel, that installed where lower roof lines end up near a vertical wall.  Roof flashing is also used around vents, fans, HVAC units, and skylights. Flashing “kicks away” rainwater and other precipitation that would otherwise cause damage to your commercial roof.

Although inexpensive and small, flashing plays a big role in your roof system. Unfortunately, our Keystone Commercial Roof service technicians often find building leaks in the exact places where flashing is installed.

What Are Issues with Roof Flashings?

Flashing works well with all types of roofing materials. It’s impossible to overstate the worth of its professional installation. If correctly installed, it can increase the lifespan of your industrial roof covering. Problems occur when it’s improperly installed or when it’s been beaten down by climate pressure and age. Also, the sealants used around flashing may play a role in its failure to protect your building from leaks.

Our industrial roof technicians are trained to spot flashing weaknesses and remediate leaks during roof restoration.

The Role of Sealants in Proper Flashing

We carefully inspect flashing and seams around roof penetration and properly seal or replace ineffective sealant with products that best pair with our quality Conklin roof systems.

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Conklin Quality in Roofing

We have been Conklin Distributors and applicators for years. Conklin Roof Systems are excellent and because we are a Conklin-Preferred roofing company, which means Keystone Commercial Roofing can restore a commercial roof for about half the cost of a traditional re-roofing using its single-ply Hypalon roof systems or top-shelf PVC (Flexion) roofing.

Our roof restoration systems provide industrial buildings with UV stability, leak-protection, and can save property owners thousands of dollars in roof costs.

Free Inspection of Your Roof Flashing

Keystone welcomes you to contact us regarding any concerns you have with leaks in your commercial roof. We offer free roof inspection and can use our camera app for contact-less consultation. Schedule your free roof inspection today.




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