When it comes to commercial roof systems, every property owner has his or her preference. A trustworthy roofing contractor will offer various solutions to repair and restore your low-slope or metal roof. We work with you to balance your roofing needs with your budget.

Many of our customers prefer our spray foam polyurethane (SPF) roof systems and for good reason. For multiple reasons, actually. Following are some of the top reasons spray polyurethane foam is one of the best choices in commercial roofing.

  • SPF Roofing is Lightweight

A spray polyurethane foam roof system is sprayed on to create a solid, durable layer of protection ideal for metal, concrete, BUR, and low-slope roofs in general. A seamless membrane of SPF can weigh about one-third to one-quarter pound per square foot.

A lighter load on your building’s structure and foundation can extend the life of the whole building.

  • Self-Flashing

An SPF roof is termed “self-flashing” because the spray polyurethane foam fits and adheres to various shapes, sealing otherwise hard-to-reach roof spaces. Spray polyurethane foam creates a moisture-protectant membrane that fills cracks and crevices.

  • Insulating

A commercial property with a spray polyurethane foam roof will have the benefits of airborne sound reduction that might otherwise come through the roof.

The reflective properties of foam polyurethane roofing spray also offer energy-efficiency by reducing the heat caused by the sun’s UV rays. A spray polyurethane foam roof provides your facility with a thermal barrier. The SPF roofing keeps heat out in the summer and in during the winter. Read more about cool roof systems like SPF. Your commercial building or warehouse can stay a comfortable temperature year-round.

  • Leak-Proofing

Seams in roofing are one of the first places leaks occur. Spray polyurethane foam effectively seals seams to eliminate leaks.

SPF is a great commercial roof coating for modified bitumen, metal, and other roof types. It’s especially effective for sealing around roof protrusions such as vent pipes and air conditioning units. The parapet walls are sufficiently covered as well.

  • Slope Remediating

If the roof of your commercial building suffers from water ponding, it’s likely due to poor design and improper sloping. An SPF roof can restore your existing roof to a watertight membrane with a proper slope, correcting an incorrect angle through the customized installation of the spray polyfoam.

SPF also can be used to correct improper slope in low spots or gaps around roof penetrations and transitions.

  • No Need for Tear-off

A commercial roof restoration through Keystone Commercial Roofing helps you avoid expensive tear-off. That’s less waste in a landfill and it’s one reason why roof coatings are considered sustainable roof options.

Schedule a free on-site roof inspection today and our roof professionals can discuss how SPF roofing might be the best solution for your commercial roof.