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What Is the Best Sealant for Commercial Roof Leaks?
brittle sealant around roof unit

Leaks on commercial roofing are often caused by brittle, cracked sealant (caulking) around seams, flashing, and roof units, such as HVAC or drainage systems.

Brittle caulking is an issue on most roofs and often one of the most visible causes of leaks in commercial roofing. Proper sealants can be used to repair weak spots in your commercial roof. Ultimately, commercial roof sealant repair and replacement should be part of a roof restoration to ensure your building’s safety.

Finding the best caulk sealant to use on your commercial roof may depend on the climate and time of year.

What Are the Types of Commercial Roof Sealant?

Let’s look at the general types of caulking sealants:

  • Urethane: These used to be chosen mostly because they were less expensive than other caulking sealants, yet their use was limited to dry surface applications. That is no longer the case. Upgrades to urethane sealants have resulted in caulking that can be used in virtually any season, including freezing temperatures in winter. Modern urethane sealants are well suited for replacing brittle caulking in flashing, reglets, pitch pans, and coping.
  • Silicone: These sealants are usually clear or white and have good adhesion in roofing applications. They also can be tinted to better match other roofing elements. They don’t hold up well where heat or oil migration from a roofing substrate occurs, which can compromise adhesion.
  • Polyether:  Polyester-based adhesives react to moisture in the air to form a flexible, durable seal. These are considered hybrid sealants and are recommended for use in areas where movement is anticipated.

Note: Butyl tapes and butyl sealants are also used in commercial roof repair as non-curing, super-adhesive for sealing standing seam roofs and to waterproof the joints of insulated metal panels.

As a preferred contractor for Conklin, we use Conklin’s 360-S urethane sealant. We believe it is the best caulking on the market. It never gets brittle and it can be applied in the dead of winter.

It’s also a moisture-cured sealant with super elasticity and withstands most types of corrosive chemicals.

Check out this video:

Our go-to sealant works on the following surfaces:

  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Masonry
  • Aluminum
  • Glass

We offer free commercial roof inspections that can inform you about brittle sealants and leak potential on your building’s roof. Our ultra-efficient, durable commercial roof restoration systems can restore your roof for thousands of dollars less than a roof replacement.




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