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Can Commercial Roof Coatings Withstand Hail Damage?

Northern Pennsylvania and neighboring states experience hailstorms dozens of times every year. Hail can occur during spring, summer, or fail. While no commercial roof system is impervious to hail damage, you may be wondering if roof coatings can withstand hail damage, especially since commercial roof coatings are far less expensive than a complete replacement.

Elastomeric coatings and other commercial roof coatings can withstand hail. How well depends in part on the size of the hailstones and the age of the roof system.

Hailstones vary in size, from about 1 cm to 4 cm. Larger hail that falls at a higher velocity obviously will cause more damage to a roof system than smaller hail in a less severe storm.

What Should I Do If Hail Damages My Building’s Roof?

Regardless of the severity of the winds and the size of the hail, you’ll need a thorough inspection of your building’s roof after a hailstorm. It’s best to have a professional roof contractor conduct this inspection.

We have years of experience spotting weak spots in commercial roofs and the equipment to help identify them. If there is hail damage, we can provide photographs of the areas on your building’s roof where it occurred.  We offer free commercial roof inspections. This could be beneficial to present to your insurance company.

You’ll want to contact your insurance company to see what is covered. Depending on the type of building insurance you have, you may be able to have all costs for a roof restoration paid for or the insurance might cover the cost of a commercial roof replacement.  

After the information has been obtained from the roof inspection, repair recommendations can be developed specifically to the damage sustained.

Should I Replace My Commercial Roof if There’s Hail Damage?

In the event a Conklin Roofing System has suffered various degrees of hail or storm damage, the roofing system is usually repairable and does not require total replacement. If you have a different type of commercial roof in place, we can likely work with that existing roof and restore it without having to replace it.

Our commercial roof coatings can be applied on flat roofs, low-slope roofs, industrial roofs, metal roofs, and over rubber roofs. Even with severe hail damage to your roofing substrate, our roof coatings may be the best option.

If your building is leaking after a hailstorm, contact our roofing contractors as soon as possible. Depending on the damage, you may still be able to save thousands in repairs by choosing a roof coating rather than opting for a full roof tear-off and re-installation.

What’s the Best Commercial Roof to Prevent Hail Damage?

This is a subjective question. Location is a key factor.  Obviously, some areas of the country are subject to more environmental issues than others. Various environmental stressors can weaken your roof’s ability to withstand hail damage. The age of your commercial roof will also impact its ability to withstand a hailstorm.

Appropriate maintenance is also key. A good roof maintenance plan includes regular roof inspections, which can spot weak areas in your industrial roof prior to a hailstorm. You may be able to avoid extensive hail damage if these weak spots are mitigated in time. Also, roof maintenance could be crucial to your warranty, which will come into play if hail damage takes place.

Schedule a commercial roof inspection before severe thunderstorm and hailstorm season arrives. Keystone Commercial Roofing contractors can make repairs before they grow into larger and more costly issues.




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