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Neglected Roof Maintenance Hot Spots [and a checklist for facility managers]

Building managers and property owners know that preventative roof maintenance can save thousands of dollars when it keeps repairs in check.

Small leaks that are detected early can be a less expensive fix than leaks left unrepaired. Doing so helps you avoid water damage to the contents in your building and avoid risking the health of staff inside the building who could be threatened by mold or rotted framing caused by leaks.

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Yet any weakness in a building roof is one that deserves attention. The following are a few common areas that pose a risk for anyone repairing or restoring a commercial roof. Fortunately, Keystone Commercial Roofing uses a photo app that helps create awareness of these areas for our installation crew.

Common Commercial Roofing Risks

Roof Risk 1: Bad Ladder

With years of experience in commercial roof repair, the crew at Keystone Commercial Roofing has seen its fair share of rusty roof ladders.

What’s the condition of the fixed or caged ladder on your commercial building? Is access to your building’s roof OSHA-compliant? How about ladders near parapet walls?

Professional roofers need safe and reliable access to the roof and these fixed ladders are often neglected. Fixed ladders need to be inspected regularly and at least annually, especially to ensure they remain properly fastened (fixed) to the landing.

The ladders on your building should be properly maintained, securely fixed, and of sound construction. Each step or rung should be capable of supporting a single concentrated load of at least 250 pounds (that’s including the contractor’s carried equipment, rigging, ice buildup, etc.)

Roof Risk 2: Bad Decking

Weather elements, age, natural disasters, and even rodents can compromise the structural integrity of roof sheathing. Does your roof deck show signs of rotting or corrosion? Is its substrate safe for inspection?

Our roofing contractors have come upon some bad decking. Thankfully, our professional experience helps us spot areas where bad decking might be lurking. We also pull core samples during our free roof inspections to obtain details on the makeup of a building’s existing substrate.

We use our jobsite photo app to identify bad decking and provide this information to our roof repair technicians.

Roof Risk 3: Skylights

OSHA considers a skylight to be a hole in the surface of your roof. Skylights are supposed to be protected with fall protection screens or guardrails.

The area around these skylights is often a source of leaks, too, which can deteriorate the decking on your commercial roof. An improper sealant or subpar installation of metal flashing can leave skylights unsealed.

Roof Maintenance Checklist

Following is a short checklist of specific roof components that should be inspected regularly:

Roof Deck

  • Overall Condition
  • Joints
  • No Evidence of Bitumen or Asphalt Drips
  • No Sign of Sagging or Slope Change
  • No Signs of Cracked or Brittle Sealant
  • Void of Water Ponding
  • Sealed deck flutes


  • Fascia in Place
  • Downspouts Undamaged
  • Gutters in Good Condition
  • Gaps in sheathing


  • Metal Flashing
  • Counter Flashing
  • Cap Flashings
  • No Sign of Corrosion (especially on metal roofs)
  • Joint Covers
  • No Sign of Punctures

Get a Free Roof Inspection for Your Building

Keystone Commercial roof technicians are trained to meet safety requirements. While the most dangerous things we face are ladders, and bad roof decking, and skylights, we have years of experience to fully inspect your building’s roof and perform the necessary restorations needed to add years of life to your roof.

During the free roof inspection, our commercial roof professionals can discuss installation options and offer tips on how to keep your business operations running while any roofing repairs take place.




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