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Planning Fit-Outs? Don’t Just Hire a General Contractor

If there are plans for fit-outs to your commercial building, including the installation of any ventilation units, don’t take shortcuts that will cost you more money in the end. What do we mean by shortcuts? Like, having a general contractor take care of restoring the integrity of your commercial roof system after a newly installed HVAC unit required rooftop ventilation or maybe a tenant requested a skylight installation.

The Follow-up to the Fit-Out

More than likely, your HVAC contractor hasn’t been trained in roof installations and repairs. If that contractor punctures a roof membrane, he could void your commercial roof warranty. If he uses the wrong kind of sealant, he could void your roof warranty. Worst of all, if he fails to properly seal any perforations whatsoever, he could jeopardize the roof’s ability to protect your building.

If roof work is needed on your building, call a professional commercial roof contractor. Keystone Commercial Roofing can offer you a free roof consultation to determine the type of flat roof system currently on your building and to pinpoint any issues or areas of concern.

As a Preferred Conklin contractor, Keystone Commercial roofers are trained in the installation of trusted Conklin roof systems. To achieve the “Preferred Conklin” status, Keystone went through an evaluation process requiring several on-site inspections to confirm our roof installations met a high standard of workmanship. 

How Much Does a Commercial Roof Inspection Cost?

Typically, a facility manager can expect to pay $200-$500 for a roof inspection. Keystone Commercial Roofing offers commercial roof inspections for free in our service area of Northwestern Pennsylvania, Northeastern Ohio, and Southwestern New York.

Hire a Roofer When it Comes to Roof Issues

To ensure your building’s roof continues to protect the structure from leaks and to avoid any risk to your roof warranty, call a roofing professional if you have fit outs on the agenda. Looking for a commercial roofing company you can trust? Our roofers have undergone hands-on training taught by roofers with 30-plus years of experience in the industry.

Even issues unrelated to renovations to your building may require commercial roofing professionals. Are you noticing water ponding? Your existing roof system might be improperly sloped. An SPF foam application is an inexpensive solution. Our SPF commercial roof repair services can level out the roof to decrease ponding and reinstate proper water drainage. This is especially important for buildings in geographic regions where heavy rainfall might risk exceeding the weight load limit.




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