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Roofing Seasonality: What to Expect This Summer

Ready or not, here it comes! Summer, with all its backyard barbecues, days at the swimming pool, and family road trips has just begun.

Of course, summer isn’t all fun and games. It also brings some intense rays from the sun which you must be vigilant about — and we aren’t just talking about sunscreen. Your building’s poor roof is exposed to the sun’s rays all day, every day with some intense consequences. Further, the sun isn’t the only danger commercial roofs face in the summer. 

Read on to learn about how summer affects your building’s roof.

1. UV Exposure

Most commercial roofs are a dark color, which means they soak up and retain heat. Unfortunately, this means higher cooling costs for you to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the building. Furthermore, the intense UV rays damage traditional roofing materials over time, forcing you to replace your roof faster.

However, innovative reflective cool roofing can help with both of these problems. The reflective surface bounces heat away from the building, helping to keep the interior cooler. Plus, less maintenance is required because the materials are less susceptible to UV damage.

2. Intense Storms

Hot summer sunshine isn’t the only thing that summer brings, it also brings some killer thunderstorms. These unpredictable weather patterns can sometimes be concentrated in microbursts that might only be a couple of miles wide, but are seriously destructive.

Roofs can easily be damaged by thunderstorms, particularly if they end up in the path of a microburst. Roof inspection after intense storms is ideal to find and repair any damage before the situation worsens.

3. Condensation and Mold

Humidity levels can get pretty high during the summer. You know that sticky, heavy feeling that can make it hard to breathe in hot weather.

Unfortunately, it can also do a number on your roof, especially if your building has poor air circulation. All that water in the air can condensate and leave moisture trapped in the roofing materials. This can lead to mold growth in as little as 24 – 48 hours, which poses a serious health risk to your employees and customers.

4. Temperature Swings

Another issue presents itself with the wild temperature swings often experienced in summer.

During the day, the sun shining on black commercial roofing can heat it up to 140 – 190 degrees F. At night, the roof cools to match the ambient temperature. This can mean a temperature swing of around 100 degrees!

This thermal shock, as it is called, causes expansion and contraction in your roof. Over time, this movement weakens the structure of the roof. Regular inspections and restoration work when needed will greatly extend the life of your building’s roof.

Take Care of Your Roof This Summer

Are you concerned about your commercial roof this summer? Be proactive! Call the professionals at Keystone Commercial Roofing for an inspection and restoration work if needed.

Our roofing consultants help building owners like you save thousands of dollars by extending the life of their roofs. Plus, it puts off the big hassle of having to replace your roof for many years!




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