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Will Elastomeric Roof Coating Stop Leaks? Help for Facility Owners

We get it. Evidence of a leak in your commercial roof can cause alarm while you assume, you’ll face a huge expense.

Elastomeric roof coatings stop leaks and are much less expensive than a roof replacement. Our roofing contractors install elastomeric roofs that offer facility owners affordable leak protection for years.

So what is elastomeric and how can it be a better option than roof replacement?

What is an Elastomeric Roof Coating?

Elastomeric roof coatings are elastomers or polymers with flexibility or elasticity. As a Conklin-preferred contractor, Keystone roofers install elastomeric, single-ply membrane systems on commercial buildings that are some of the best performing coatings in the industry.

These roof coatings are applied directly over your existing roof.

Roof Replacement vs Roof Restoration with Elastomeric

before and after roof coating by keystone commercial roofing in Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Keystone Commercial Roofing has trained roofing contractors who will coat and seal your building’s roof with a seamless, leak protectant membrane to extend the life of your existing roof.

This flat roof restoration can save building owners thousands of dollars when compared to what they would pay for a roof replacement. Roof coatings can be installed in less time and are less labor-intensive. When properly installed, elastomeric coatings can add more than a decade to the life of your commercial building.

Moreover, there is no need to shut down or disrupt your normal facility operations processes for this type of commercial roof installation. We help facility managers keep business operations running smoothly throughout a roofing project, so you don’t lose money from loss of business.

More Ways to Save with Elastomeric Roof Repair

The reflective properties of this roof option can cut your energy costs since the sun’s heat “bounces” off the roof. Since the roof isn’t forced to absorb the solar heat, your building can maintain a consistent, comfortable indoor temperature. You’ll use less electricity for cooling purposes.

Are There Different Types of Elastomeric Coating?

Yes, elastomeric coatings include butyl, acrylic, silicone, and polyurethane.

We suggest urethane modified acrylic because it’s the most suitable for roof areas that have ponding water issues.  Acrylics are easy to clean, can be easily recoated, and carry a longer warranty than other roof coatings with beneficial heat reflexive properties.

Interested in learning more?  We offer free commercial roof inspections and consultations. Get a free commercial roof inspection of your building and let’s put a plan in place to stop roof leaks while saving your money.




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